OP Retail | To know everything about every store
OP Retail | To know everything about every store

Inspect Your Stores, At Any Time & Anywhere

Our store inspection solution uses cutting-edge analytics and HD cameras to help you address most of the store management difficulties including messy store layout, high manual inspection cost, ineffective corrective instructions, informal employee attire, low service quality, etc.

Inspection and Correction
Process is Too Long
Stores are Difficult
to Manage
Poor PerformancePoor Employee StatusMessy Store LayoutHigh Cost Manual Inspection......

Inspection Modes For Every Scenario

Increase Efficiency

Inspect your stores, capture any issues, send corrective instruction, and follow-up rectification from anywhere, at any time, with any authorized devices.

Improve Quality

Ensure every rectification is done with our meticulously designed closed-loop procedure. Get all staff timely informed with ever-evolving operation standards and perform accordingly.

Brand Standardization

Detect any issues on time with video streaming or deep learning AI. Set your brand standards, use the digital checklist to standardize daily operations, mitigate errors before they affect your business.

Improve Competitiveness

Analyze your business status, identify problems before escalating to liabilities through the multi-dimensional report.

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Inspect & Instruct Online

View all your stores through real-time video. Use our customizable app to take pictures and send corrective instructions directly to staff in charge. Conduct a voice intercom to achieve guide immediate and accurate rectification results.

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Get your problem addressed with OP Retail Closed-Loop Management

Finding out issues is not enough if the quality of the rectification cannot be ensured. Our Closed-Loop Management system is designed to eliminate the possibility of negligence by allocating 4 main distinct roles with different responsibilities. (the roles can be subdivided by needs)

Operation Inspector

Operation Inspector

Inspect stores with preset items, record & grade, upload the stores' problems to responsible store managers.

Store Manager

Store Manager

Self-inspect the responsible stores, respond to inspector’s rectification instructions ,and execute accordingly until it is completed.

Company Executives

Company Executives

Initiate appraisal plans, review store inspection analysis reports, and optimize management systems.

IT Departemnt

IT Departemnt

Responsible for registration of sub-accounts, stores, and maintenance of device operation.


We have the lowest rate of connection loss among our competitors due to our HD cameras' self-diagnostics.

Cover 30-50㎡ scene
Suitable for shooting in key locations such as aisles, cashiers, warehouses, etc.

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