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OP Retail | To know everything about every store


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Welcome to our Partners Program, where collaboration meets innovation. By joining our global network of partners, you'll gain access to a world of opportunities to elevate your business and empower your clients.

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Our global network

Join our global program and unleash the full potential of our industry-leading SaaS services and solutions for you and your clients.

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We offer comprehensive support services.

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One-to-one after sales service

Looking for expert advice on how to best use OP Retail products? Our customer support and service teams are here to help.

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Tailored onboarding

Get set up for success with guidance from our specialist. Your customized onboarding plan will help you get up to speed with OP Retail's hardware and software in no time.

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Free online training

From quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications, OP Retail can teach you everything you need to know about the most sought-after business skills.

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Partnering process

Our seasoned professionals ensure the simplicity and efficiency of our partner program. Get in touch with us today to join our global network of partners.


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Partnership options

You have the option to join us as either a project partner or a regional partner, and we have provided the following details for your consideration.

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Project partner

Our project partners are sought for their capability to independently manage projects and their extensive networks within related industries.


Brand-use rights for 'OP Retail'

Authorization to sell the product

Regular product training

Support from our sales professionals

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Regional partner

Regional Partners are responsible for the business operations within their designated area. Given the additional benefits, Regional Partners must be reputable corporations with a strong business standing, and are required to have at least one dedicated sales team, in addition to meeting the requirements for project partners.


Brand-use rights for 'OP Retail'

Authorization to sell the product

Exclusive product access and training

Support from our sales professionals

Full operational rights within the designated region

Participation rights for regional exhibitions

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