Looking for Global Partners

The most potential retail market, the most powerful products and the most lucrative and long-lasting rewards.
We are looking for reliable partners in the retail industry worldwide.

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Broad Market Prospects

Supermarket Chains, Convenience Stores, Clothing, Pharmacies, Education, Catering and other Chain Industries.
There is a potential market with billions of profits are waiting to be detonated.

Comprehensive Channel Policy Support

Brand Support

Search engine coverage, new media communication, conference and exhibition
Millions are invested in offline branding every year
Product promotional coloring pages, product operation manuals, promotional videos etc.. brand resources are open&shared to partners

Training Support

Regular Product Training, New Functions Training
Technical Remote Video Training
Field Training, Sales Scripts Training
One-on-One Training on Marketing Strategy, Negotiation, and Order Follow-up

Operations Support

Professional technical team provides round-the-clock operation services
One-on-One 7*12 hours exclusive customer service manager reply

Market Support

We take care of shipping & delivery
whole operation and maintenance services
No inventories for partners, Customer Renewal
Partners receive a steady annual dividend.

Cooperation Process

1 Cooperation Contact
2 Submit Information
3 Field Trips
4 Audit Approved
5 Signing An Agreement

Partner Qualification

Independent Legal Personality and Legal Operating Rights for related products
Have good Scale of Operation, Office Environment, Equipment and Employees. Fixed place of Business Operation
Have full-time sales staff and network, customer development capabilities, some after-sales service capabilities
Have some background in the retail industry
Fully recognize "OP Retail" products and corporate culture

Project Partners

  • Have extensive interpersonal network resources
  • The project can be operated independently
  • Agree with the product concept of 'OP Retail'

Rights And Interests

  • Regular product training
  • Full-time sales follow-up assistance
  • Partner Program Protection
  • Sales authorization for the project

Region Partners

  • Independent company corporation
  • Good creditability and business reputation
  • Full-time sales team
  • Extensive interpersonal network resources in the local area
  • Agree with the 'OP Retail' product concept

Rights And Interests

  • Operation rights in designated Region
  • The right to use the brand of 'OP Retail'
  • Special product and training
  • Exhibition business opportunities sharing
  • Participation rights for exhibitions in the region
  • Assisting sales with major projects
  • Lecturer Support in Sales Salon

Cooperation Partners Applying