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opretail-Coordinate store location

Coordinate store location

Understanding the traffic, encompassing footfall and storefront passersby, within a shopping mall is pivotal in orchestrating optimal store locations and rental adjustments

opretail-Determine position for digital signage

Determine position for digital signage

By analyzing foot traffic and customer movement, malls can pinpoint prime locations for digital signage to maximize visibility and engagement.

opretail-Measure the effectiveness of pop-up shops

Measure the effectiveness of pop-up shops

By analyzing traffic data, mall operators can gauge the impact of the pop-up store and make informed decisions regarding its placement and operational effectiveness.

opretail-Traffic management and staff scheduling

Traffic management and staff scheduling

Harnessing traffic data empowers shopping mall management to strategically allocate staff resources, resulting in an elevated level of service for visitors.

opretail-Marketing campaign ROI measurement

Marketing campaign ROI measurement

Obtaining customer profiles, including gender and age groups, provides invaluable insights into the mall's target demographic, enabling tailored marketing campaigns and personalized experiences that resonate with specific customer segments.

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Our people counting devices and software offer accurate measurement of footfalls, dwell time, heatmap, demographics, and more.

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We continuously contemplate the valuable insights and benefits that the people counting system can deliver across various scenarios.

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Based on the framework of video analytics and SaaS platform, OP Retail offers technical solutions of people counting analysis, heatmap and zone analysis, customer behavior insights, etc.

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