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OP Retail | To know everything about every store


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opretail-Store KPI measurement

Store KPI measurement

By tracking footfall, walk-in rates, conversion rates, and more, businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing for informed decisions to optimize operations and drive performance.

opretail-Product engagement

Product engagement

By understanding customer behavior and preferences, you can make informed decisions about product selection and display strategies, ultimately optimizing the shopping experience and driving sales.

opretail-Visual merchandising guidance

Visual merchandising guidance

Understanding the product engagement rate is key to refining your visual merchandising strategies. Armed with insights into customer interaction with your products, you can tailor your displays to maximize impact and appeal.

opretail-Marketing campaign ROI measurement

Marketing campaign ROI measurement

Understanding the pulse of your audience is pivotal, as it allows you to pinpoint who is drawn to your advertisement boards. By unraveling the preferences and behaviors of your target audience, you can fine-tune your advertising strategies to captivate and engage with precision.

opretail-Staff scheduling

Staff scheduling

Understanding store traffic is the linchpin for staffing optimization, providing invaluable insights into the number of personnel required to cater to customer needs.

opretail-Queue management

Queue management

Experience streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction with our queue counting solution, tailored for fast-paced stores, clothing store fitting rooms, and beyond.

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Our people counting devices and software offer accurate measurement of footfalls, dwell time, heatmap, demographics, and more.

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We continuously contemplate the valuable insights and benefits that the people counting system can deliver across various scenarios.

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Based on the framework of video analytics and SaaS platform, OP Retail offers technical solutions of people counting analysis, heatmap and zone analysis, customer behavior insights, etc.

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