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OP Retail | To know everything about every store


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Track marketing effectiveness with data insights

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How it works?

opretail-Track visitor behavior

Track visitor behavior

Tracking the movement paths of visitors within an event or exhibition space yields invaluable insights into the effectiveness of the products or content on display.

opretail-Evaluate product engagement

Evaluate product engagement

By meticulously tracking the duration visitors spend engaging with specific products, exhibitors can identify which items draw the most interest and captivate the audience.

opretail-Visitor demographic analysis

Visitor demographic analysis

By understanding the age, gender, interests, and other relevant demographic details of visitors, businesses can tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to resonate with their ideal customer base.

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Our people counting devices and software offer accurate measurement of footfalls, dwell time, heatmap, demographics, and more.

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We continuously contemplate the valuable insights and benefits that the people counting system can deliver across various scenarios.

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Based on the framework of video analytics and SaaS platform, OP Retail offers technical solutions of people counting analysis, heatmap and zone analysis, customer behavior insights, etc.

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