OP Retail | To know everything about every store
OP Retail | To know everything about every store


Demographic analysis

Our people counting solution goes beyond simply tracking foot traffic – it also offers a robust demographic analysis feature that provides businesses with invaluable insights into the characteristics of their customer base.

Solution details

opretail-Gender detection

Gender detection

Our AI-powered people counter is equipped with the capability to perform gender detection and generate detailed gender percentage data analysis.

opretail-Age group detection

Age group detection

Leveraging artificial intelligence algorithm, our counting solution accurately identifies and analyzes the age distribution within the visitors.

opretail-Remove duplicated counts

Remove duplicated counts

The embedded AI algorithm within our system offers the unique capability to eliminate duplicated counts, effectively addressing scenarios such as repeatedly entered staff counts.

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OP's solution is mainly aimed at retail stores, large commercial complexes, events, exhibitions, art galleries, museums and other public spaces.

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Our people counting devices and software offer accurate measurement of footfalls, dwell time, heatmap, demographics, and more.

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We continuously contemplate the valuable insights and benefits that the people counting system can deliver across various scenarios.

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