OP Retail | To know everything about every store
OP Retail | To know everything about every store


About us

OP Retail (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Suzhou, China, is a national high-tech enterprise. Since our establishment in 2016, we have been committed to revolutionizing technologies for diverse retail store scenarios.

Based on the framework of video analytics and SaaS platform, OP Retail offers technical solutions of people counting analysis, heatmap and zone analysis, customer behavior insights, etc.

Until now, we have continuously provided services to 4,000+ brands and 300,000+ stores worldwide.

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The R&D Team

Currently, OP boasts a workforce of almost 400 employees, with 60% dedicated to R&D. These individuals specialize in video-related fields such as the video analysis, embedded intelligent products, and AI. Notably, our AI Research Institute is headed by a team member with a doctorate in AI and Image Algorithm.

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400+ employees, with 60% dedicated to R&D



Contracted brands 4,000+



Access stores 300,000+

Our value and mission

We are aiming to be the world’s leading technology solution company.

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Our clients

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