OP Retail | To know everything about every store
OP Retail | To know everything about every store


Installation and deployment

Discover the key to a seamless installation process, from planning the layout and camera locations to designing a masterplan that fits your needs.

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Deployment system

The hardware and software deployment system involves connecting the people counter and video recorder to the internet switch, which is then linked to the router to facilitate data retrieval. This setup enables seamless integration with analytics software, allowing for efficient data collection and analysis.

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Floor plan design

OP Retail offers a service to design floor plans for customers, which helps determine the number of counters needed, and the mounting position for each counter prior to installation.

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Installation support

During the installation process, currently we can provide the following supports:

Installation manual, video and other materials
Remote training session
Remote help and guidance

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OP's solution is mainly aimed at retail stores, large commercial complexes, events, exhibitions, art galleries, museums and other public spaces.

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Our people counting devices and software offer accurate measurement of footfalls, dwell time, heatmap, demographics, and more.

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We continuously contemplate the valuable insights and benefits that the people counting system can deliver across various scenarios.

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