OP Retail | To know everything about every store
OP Retail | To know everything about every store
Intelligence people counting system

People counting

OP Retail provides the world's leading people counting solution which helps you to gain detailed insights into your every store. The featured funnel analysis lets you allocate resources accordingly to raise levels of operational support along each customer's journey, reducing costs while improving marketing efficiency.

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Why do you need the people
counting solution for your stores?

Understand your customer traffic in real-time

If you own any business with customers coming to your venue, knowing their behavior is crucial. Collecting and analyzing people flow data of customers can let you know who and when the customers will possibly come to your stores. The funnel people counting analytics can also give you valuable insight into where and how the business decisions affect your store performance.

By integrating accurate customer flow data and cash register system, we, OP Retail, created the revolutionary funnel analysis which allows you to get a panoramic view of all your stores' status via app or web, pinpoint current operation flaws and make improvements on time.

Retail Store Conversion Funnel
Retail store people counting funnel analysis

Store #Chicago

Last week Last fortnight


41897.52 31099.42
downUp 34.72%


189 181
downUp 4.42%


221.68 171.82
downUp 29.02%

Customer flow

2442 2371 downUp 2.99%

Close rate

7.74 7.63 downUp 1.44%

Unit price

135.6 142 downUp 4.23%

Purchase rate

1.63 1.21 downUp 34.71%
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Sales last week rose by 34.72%. The data shows a 34.71% increase in close rate.
Conclusion: The event reached the desirable outcome.Should hold this event in other stores to duplicate the success.

The Industries that OP Retail people
counting solutions serve

Retail store people counting solution Retail store people counting solution

Retail stores

Optimize the store activities based on customer traffic, pos data, and customer focus analysis, increasing revenue while reducing cost.

Shopping mall people counting solution Shopping mall people counting solution

Shopping Mall

Adjust the layout, and optimize the rental pricing and advertising space settings with customer traffic data and trend prediction of different floors.

Attraction/Pavilion people counting solution Attraction/Pavilion people counting solution

Public transportation

Monitor passenger flow and traffic flow in airports, subways, stations, and other public transportation in real-time for timely diversion, limiting traffic, warning of congestion core areas and other potential safety hazards.

Public transportation people counting solution Public transportation people counting solution

Attraction/Pavilion (available for rent)

Monitor tourist flow data of events of different periods for popularity evaluation, development of emergency plans, activity effects, and allocation of human resources.

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Our products

People Counter

People Counter

Industrial-leading precision and multi-functional

Our extensive selection of high-precision sensors, including multi-functional 2D sensors, high-precision 3D sensors, and AI counting sensors, ensures accurate detection of customer traffic in various scenarios, all while maintaining utmost respect for privacy.

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Business intelligence system

Business intelligence system

Panoramic people flow analytics

The ever-evolving retail business intelligence system integrates and visualizes your stores' data. So you can get a comprehensive understanding of your customers with customizable reports.

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