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Beko: Next stop, Intelligence and Health

Beko: Next stop, Intelligence and Health


Beko, a global home appliance company, originated in UK and is a subsidiary of the Fortune 500 company Koç Group. It is a famous white goods brand in Europe. Their core product line covers kitchen appliances, large household appliances, small household appliances, and air conditioners.
Beko always takes care of consumers' point of view and insists on technological innovation. They pay more attention to consumer experience while deeply researching and developing various home appliances. Every Beko product has a humanized design, fashionable appearance and energy-saving and environmental protection concept, which brings users a high-quality European life style.

Demands & Requirement

As a leader in home appliances in Europe for a decade, most of Beko's growth now comes from expanding into new regions on a global scale. Even with a positive reputation in one market, entering another can be a major challenge. So it is necessary for Beko to better understand the consumer behaviors in local market, know which kind of product will attract the attention of customers can help them to adjust their products display, store arrangements and marketing strategy in a timely manner.


We introduced our people counting & Heatmap solution to Beko in Africa market, help them to digitalize the customer behaviors in different product commodity zone, understand the number of customers walk in the store, passing through each zone, analyze how long does the customers stay in same commodity zone and research the dwell rate and customers' average stay duration in each commodity zone. Help the store to know the difference of customer consumption habits between different regions, and allow the stores make adjustments based on the data.


People Counting & Heatmap system helped client build up a 24 hours standard data recording and analysis system, based on the system and Multi-dimensional Reports, headquarter will be able to understand the consumer behaviors from different regions, help them quickly and efficiently expand into new regions worldwide with lower risk.