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Roxie: Data is the primary productivity of store sales growth

Roxie: Data is the primary productivity of store sales growth


Roxie Market & Deli was founded in San Francisco, USA on 2004, near by Silicon Valley and UCSF( one of the most respected medical schools in the United States). Roxie Market&Deli focus on providing premium product including food(Imported from Europe), wine, spirits, seasonal fresh food,etc.

Demands & Requirement

In order to maintain the freshness and availability of their products and build its good brand image, efficient management tools will become an urgent need for Roxie Market & Deli . In addition, in the United States, immigration and the proliferation of guns may become hidden risks that need to be avoided.


In 2020, we introduced our smart retail solutions to Roxie Market&Deli, including the store inspection solution and people counting solution. The store inspection solution helps them check their stores remotely at anytime and anywhere, which give head office visibility and hold sites accountable. Help them to identify problems before they escalate to liabilities, find the problems and fix the problems with time stamps, photos, and signatures, improve brand standards and get everyone on board. So that everyone can work more smarter and more efficiently. Automatically execute corrective actions and eliminate time wasted to enhance productivity and reduce cost.
People counting solution helps the human resources department to arrange work shifts according to the passenger flow in different time periods, and arrange more employees during the peak period of customer visits to better serve customers to increase sales performance.


The store inspection system helped Roxie Market & Deli identify risks in advance, improved task completion and store activities and also enhanced their execution of merchandising programs, which lead to improve their customers shopping experience and enhance the store image.