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KFC: Data oriented location strategy

KFC: Data oriented location strategy


As the world's leading chicken restaurant chain brand, KFC has more than 15,000 shops in 105 countries and regions, making it one of the fastest growing restaurant brands over the world. One of the secret of KFC's success is "integrate into life according to local occasions", and this company always focus on providing attentive services to consumers.

Demands & Requirement

"Successful Location Selection" is one of KFC's core competitiveness, as a catering giant with sharp market insight and rich experience, KFC has always been known for its rigorous demands of location selection, striving for a 100% success rate. However, as consumers' behavior and walking path in the store always change and is uncertain, so the traditional location selection strategies can not meet their exact selection demands.


"Outdoor Passenger Flow Statistics solution " is used to support KFC location selection and development. Real-time monitoring of passenger flow data around KFC stores, assessing regional heat, analysising customers walking path, and providing data support for the location selecting of KFC kiosks.


Optimize KFC's location strategy by accurate analysis of Heatmap region. The dessert kiosks opened based on those data, their sales is 21% higher than other dessert kiosks in the same region.