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Leysen: Digital transformation journey of Leysen

Leysen: Digital transformation journey of Leysen


Leysen was founded in 1855 in Brussels, Belgium, the City of Diamonds, and has a long history of 166 years, Born in the same era as world-renowned jewelry brands such as Cartier and Tiffany. In 1936, Leysen was officially awarded the title of "Royal Jewelry Supplier " by the Belgian royal family.

Demands & Requirement

In addition to products, Leysen believes that every link in the "People, Product, and Place" are the parts of customer experience, including Product Display, Staff Etiquette, etc. They want to analysis customers behaviors detailed, from the time since the customers choose to enter the store until they buy their favorite products and leave, so as to observe and meet the real needs of consumers. Therefore, Leysen began to digitally manage all consuming links in the store.


Since the second half of 2020, Leysen has applied OP Retail's People Counting& Analysis System to digitally transform their Stores. Based on OP Retail people counting solution, they can analyze the proportion of consumers who "passing by but not entering". Also they updated their commodity division of jewelry, platinum, gold, jade,etc, through the heatmap solution. They considered whether they provide the consumers popular shopping path and space, whether the goods displayed is attactive to consumers by analyzing the heatmap data generated in the system.


Store atmosphere, staff status and services, counter display, lighting and sound effects, etc., all of these are being continuously paid attention to and gradually upgraded through OP Retail System, so as to help the store provide premium products and services for customers.