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IKEA: How to Create the Ultimate Shopping Experience

IKEA: How to Create the Ultimate Shopping Experience


IKEA, a famous home store from Sweden, with its simple and comfortable Nordic design style and affordable prices, it has become the world's largest home furnishing sales company, with more than 300 shopping malls in 29 countries and regions around the world.

Demands & Requirement

IKEA's success comes not only from its good product design and competitive prices, but also from its good shopping experience. As IKEA adopts a self-service hypermarket shopping model, there are a large number of customers, so it is difficult to collect their customers behaviors. It can only be judged by the final cash register data. How to use digital means to further mine customer behavior data to improve user shopping experience has always been a demand for IKEA.


OP Retail's People Counting products can meet the demands of IKEA. The Detailed customer statistics and Heatmap analysis helped IKEA to calculate the number of customers in each area, the Dwell Duration and Product popularity, which help them to adjust the product layout and display, test new products popularity, optimize customer movement, and ultimately enhance consumer shopping experience.


Using People Counting Analysis System has become an important part in IKEA's users data analysis, Helping them to get through the data system from the front end to the terminal, and improving the operational efficiency of the entire store.